Margaret Berger


This is an excellent  double flowered fuchsia.   Very colourful and easy to grow.  The tube is pink, the sepals pink tipped green which recurve classically to cover the tube effectively doubling the size of the flower.  The corolla has an inner skirt of pale blue which is overlaid with petaloids which are suffused with several different pinks and lilac.    It is complimented with bright green foliage and semi lax stems making it an excellent candidate for baskets and standards.    This fuchsia was dedicated to the late Margaret Berger, a lovely lady who was Secretary of the Merseyside Fuchsia Group for many years.    Margaret was well known and respected on Merseyside.  This is an excellent show cultivar and will compliment any collection. It is excellent for growing outside in a tub in the garden or on a patio.   Very vigorous and will need feeding regularly. 

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