Frank Unsworth
(R.H.S. Award of Garden Merit)


Medium fluffy  full white double fuchsia.     The tube is white striped green with white sepals  tipped green. These recurve to expose a lovely fluffy white corolla.  This cultivar is genetically perfect and very easy to grow producing two flowers in each leaf axil.     It is very lax making it an ideal basket cultivar and will continue flowering all summer.   It will need feeding unless slow release organic fertilisers are included in the compost.       The foliage is very dark green and shows the flower off to perfection.   It has won and still is winning top awards up and down the country.    Hailed as the best white double basket fuchsia raised to date. Well worth growing.    Named after a very good friend and past Chairman of Merseyside Fuchsia Society.    Still one of my favourites.     Lax, best suited for basket work.

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