Linda Mary Nutt


This is Miss Versatility of the fuchsia world. Another classic true single with character. This fuchsia is good for everything. Has proved hardy for three years in exposed Lancashire. Initially it was one of those seedlings give second chance and what a good decision it was. This compact growing cultivar is a joy to grow. It is so versatile. Apart from being hardy it has many other attributes. It has a strong pedicel which supports the flower very well. A true single with a short bright red tube and sepals. The sepals proudly recurve then arch to expose a true single corolla. The colour of the petals are difficult to describe. Dusky pink seems to suit.  The petals  are further enhanced by a scarlet edge.  This is more noticeable when the flower first opens   A very vigorous cultivar when grown in a pot or container and flowers its head off all summer. It is impervious to the weather. Not suitable for baskets but should make an excellent standard. I really like this one. I will bed it out in my front garden.

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