Nicholas Hughes


Nicolas Hughes, this is a small red & white single fuchsia, a very compact grower. This was named after a little boy who was killed along with his parents in the Tenerife Air Disaster. I worked with Tom Hughes, the grandfather. Sadly, his daughter wanted a sister for Nicolas and eventually gave birth to a little girl. Unfortunately, she died within two weeks. The mother was obviously very upset and distressed. Her father Tom, decided to finance a holiday for her and her partner and son Nicolas to help get over their bereavement. They booked a flight from Liverpool to Tenerife and on arrival found that they did not have a window seat for Nicolas. The Airport told them that there was a second flight to Tenerife in two hours and they could have a window seat on this flight. Unfortunately they decided to change flights and take the later one. The first flight landed in Tenerife safely but the second one on which they were now booked on ran into bad weather over Tenerife. The pilot of the aircraft on which they were travelling turned the aircraft to the right instead of left on approaching the airport in dense cloud and crashed into the side of a mountain. Everyone on board the aircraft was killed. It was Tom’s only daughter and grandson. It was called the 'Tenerife Air Disaster'. Nicolas was only about three years of age. The fuchsia was named after Nicolas to give the grandparents some comfort after losing their only daughter and grandson.

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